Brac Bank Apollo Health Prepaid Card Offer 2021

Brac Bank

Out-patient investigations (10% Discount)


  • In Patient Room charges (10% Discount)
  • All Preventive Health Check Packages (5% discount)
  • Out-patient investigations (10% Discount)
  • Attendant’s Health Check (10% discount)
  • Discounted rates at hotels* –

** Free pick up from Airport to Hotel

Documents Required:

  • Passport Photo
  • National ID Card
  • Valid Passport
  • Prepaid Card Application Form and other regulatory documents

For more information, call our 24-hour Call Center : 16221

For Overseas Callers : +880 2 55668056

email : enquiry@bracbank.com www.bracbank.com

Brac Bank Official Websites: https://www.bracbank.com/

Apply for Brac Bank Infinite Credit Card: https://www.bracbank.com/en/applyNow

Required Documents needed for Brac Bank Infinite Credit Card: https://www.bracbank.com/credit_card_required_documents.html

Schedule of Charges for Credit Cards: https://www.bracbank.com/schedule_of_charges_credit_card.html

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